Our Yorkshire Gelato

  •  Gelato is churned at a slower rate so has lower air content, resulting in a denser consistency which is silky smooth on the palate.
  •  Gelato contains less fat than ice cream, so the flavours shine through (and it has less calories per gram!)
  •   Gelato is served at a higher temperature than ice cream, which makes it silkier and smoother and you get to taste more of the flavour.

The Milk Churn makes ice cream in the classic Gelato style, which we have branded ‘Tomoli’ derived from the names of the next generation of the family, Thomas and Olivia, who will hopefully take the farm and the Milk Churn forward. Utilising the very best ingredients and the fabulous milk and cream from the farm, The Milk Churn, and Tomoli Gelato, offer something for everyone.

Gelato may be the Italian word for ice cream, but gelato differs significantly to our more common UK style ice cream. But what’s the difference?

Put simply…better flavour, better texture and less calories.

Passionate about perfection, we trained in Italy at the Gelato University in Bologna and have brought this expertise back to Yorkshire. All our gelato is made in small batches on the farm in our gelato laboratory. It has only the freshest of ingredients and no additives, all of which ensures Tomoli is bursting with goodness and flavour.

Tomoli also offer a lactose free sorbetto, a milk free equivalent to gelato using only the freshest of ingredients. Sorbetto differs from sorbet in that it is served warmer and is silky and smooth just like gelato. Normally fruit flavoured but delicious chocolate options are also sometimes available.

Sourcing the best ingredients, the Milk Churn offers a wide variety of delicious flavours, from well-established classics to the more unusual. We are constantly adding new flavours to our range, so why not see what we have to offer. The flavours change regularly, and the typical daily assortment includes:

Gelato Flavour 1


Gelato Flavour 2

Cookies & Cream

Gelato Flavour 3

Mint Choc Crisp

Gelato Flavour 4


Gelato Flavour 5

Ricotta & Fig

Gelato Flavour 6


Gelato Flavour 7

Lemon meringue

Gelato Flavour 8


Gelato Flavour 9


Gelato Flavour 10

Salted caramel

Gelato Flavour 11


Gelato Flavour 12


Gelato Flavour 13

Triple Chocolate

Gelato Flavour 13


Gelato Flavour 13


Gelato Flavour 13



If you’re watching the calories or prefer dairy free, then these sorbets will hit the taste buds every time.



Strawberry and Mint